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Interesting Facts About Succulents

Survival is important for organism hence they need to adapt in their environment through the process of evolution and of these organisms are the succulents. Plants need water in order to flourish but in some regions wherein water is scarce plants need specialized tissues that serves as water storage. And so some plants evolve and was able to tolerate scarcity of water and these plants are called succulents but of course there are some plants that has a different physiological structure but still under them. The main reason that some plants are still considered succulents even if their leaves are different from the other succulents is due to their capacity to resist drought.

Some people love to grow succulent plants indoors while others prefer to place them in warm spots in their garden or in the rocky areas. The primary reason why people love to have these plants indoor is that they don’t need too much attention unlike other houseplants and they have an attractive foliage. Furthermore, it would be a good thing to put them in warm spot or areas since they are naturally grown in sunny surroundings. Furthermore, you must change the position of the plant each day so that all sides of the plants is able to get hit by sun rays. This way plants are able to grow equally and its appearance will not be ruined.

It is not new to know that these plants love warm temperature but they can also enjoy cooler temperature during winter. In addition, it somehow resembles that natural climate that they experience in a natural setting. When the weather is sunny then you might take the plants outside to catch some sunlight. Furthermore, if the plants have delicate leaves then the best thing to do is putting them indoors because there is a high chance of rain damage. If you really want to display them outside it would be best to cover them with a plastic or provide a glass protection to them.
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Although it requires less attention, it is still necessary for you to take into consideration their natural environment. They grow and develop during rainy season but after it they only receive minimal amount of water. As much as possible water your plants with that concept. There must be sufficient water for them in growing season and after that limit the water you pour to them just to prevent them from drying but not too much for it might rot the roots. For those with fragile leaves water them using a base tray, place the pot for quite some time just enough for the water to touch the tip of the potting mix. If you don’t have the luxury of time to do it that you need to drizzle them with watering pot that has narrow holes.Why Succulents Aren’t As Bad As You Think