SEO Tips From Excelsior Internet Marketing

The internet has created a major shift in the direction of marketing. In the pre-digital age, marketing was all about advertising, reaching out to the customer to attract their interest to a product or service. Nowadays, the most important marketing happens when the customer searches for information online. A successful company is one whose website not only appears at the top of search results but also provides the information the customer wants. The SEO experts at Excelsior Internet Marketing offer the following tips for improving a website’s ranking in search results.

Tip One: Choose keywords that have low levels of competition. Chances are that the keywords that generate the highest volume of traffic for a particular product or service are already dominated by other companies. Trying to compete where there is no hope for competition is a waste of time and resources. However, it is possible to identify search terms that generate a reasonably high monthly search volume but are not too competitive.

Tip Two: Use location-based keywords. Focusing on local SEO can help to narrow the competition and attract customers in the area. Experts recommend using a variety of cities and neighborhoods where potential customers may be coming from in combination with keywords. Websites should allocate a page to each keyword, and location-based keywords should appear in the URL, the title, the H1 text, the content, and the image description.

Tip Three: Generate helpful content. Content is the most important feature of any website because that is what the customer engages with. The customer is searching because he or she has a question. The question might be where to find and purchase a product, or it might be how to use a product or troubleshoot a problem. Anticipating customers’ needs and satisfying them with interesting and entertaining content is one of the best ways to establish a website’s authority.

Tip Four: Keep the content fresh. Search engines like web pages that are regularly updated. A frequently updated site is perceived as active and relevant. Sites can be updated with blog posts, new product descriptions, images, and video. Updating content also allows the website to increase the number of search terms it can rank for.