The Importance of Having a Criminal Defense Attorney for a Felony

When a person is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, tax evasion, or even murder, the situation calls for the experience of a criminal defense attorney. The process only gets uglier unless the arrested person (who is now a defendant) can gain proof to the contrary that he or she is not guilty of the arresting charge. An experience criminal attorney will usually have an investigator or an investigative team who can track down information and resources that may be of help to the defense.

In general, defendants facing misdemeanors, particularly in North Carolina, are encouraged to change their behavior. That is the intent of the judicial system, to bring about a modification in behavior, instead of giving them a serious punitive judgment that will plague them the rest of their lives. However, if the defendants are facing felonies, the matter becomes more serious. It is in the best interest of the defendants in these cases to have a competent criminal defense attorney who has experience going to court on criminal cases. Such felonious acts include murder, manslaughter and serious assaults with a deadly weapon.

There are variables that are put in place to help protect the defendants, such as innocent until proven guilty and the State having the burden of proving the guilt of the defendants. Yet, without the knowledge of how to keep the State from being successful, those variables are worthless to the defendants. A competent criminal defense attorney will be the best fighting chance the felony defendant has. This attorney will help the defendant understand the best possible options and be realistic about the worst case scenarios.

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