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How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Finding a good wedding photographer need not be complex, but you sure need time. You also have to make sure you use the right criteria to be able to choose the right one.

Is it all about the photographer’s portfolio? Or maybe their social media professional profile pictures or their albums on their website? Surely not! Here are other things you want your wedding photographer to have:

Creative Thinking

You want your pictures to be outstanding, and that requires a creative photographer. The best photographers imagine pictures in their minds right before they actually take place. This keeps them always on their toes to capture perfect images. Creative photographers offer pictures that are both technically and artistically powerful. Don’t be happy just to get professional photos taken of this occasion.

Love for Detail

Aside from being creative, your wedding photographer should also be attentive to details. This assures you that they will capture every little precious moment.


We all know how busy a wedding day can be. Sometimes, we have to change plans, so it’s a must that your photographer is patient enough to adjust. The last person you want to deal with is a photographer who is short-tempererd or unencouraging. One of the best things about hiring an experienced professional or studio is that they are flexible enough in unexpected situations. Because they have worked with a lot of weddings in the past, they know they should expect the unexpected, and that it’s just part of their job.

Strong Communication Abilities

Great wedding photographers are great communicators. They how to communicate with their clients so they understand exactly what they want. They will be open to your ideas, add their own and use their expertise to explain why some of your requests may not be for the best. They are confident in what they do, but they will always accommodate your concerns as the client.

To ensure that your requirements will be met, make sure you schedule a consultation meeting with the photographer before the wedding. It’s also a great way of telling how much chemistry you have. Keep in mind that your photographer will be all over your wedding day from start to end, so find someone who can be your friend at least for that day. Otherwise, it may show in your pictures.

You need not limit yourself to just one prospective wedding photographer. After all, there’s lots of them these days, and you should go for no less than two or three choices. Learn more about each photographer, compare them and then decide which one is best for you. Begin with a tour of their website, then call them. Finally, make sure you’re comparing prices apples to apples. Give exactly the same job specs to each photographer you’re considering so they can give you consistent estimates. Otherwise, the comparison will not be accurate, and you would only be wasting your time.

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