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5 top trends to watch in warehousing next year

The warehousing and logistics sectors have undergone unprecedented change in the last couple of decades. The advent of online shopping, in particular, has meant that the supply chain has had to change beyond recognition to keep up with consumer demands and remain competitive in today’s fast-paced world of commerce.

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Let’s take a look at the trends which are likely to shape warehousing in the coming twelve months.

Continued digitization
Having already embraced digital processes, this theme will continue over the next twelve months as the supply chain sector continues to enhance and streamline its processes by using technology. As well as simple computer programmes, the Internet of Things (IoT) will allow more and more physical devices to be linked together to share information and improve processes.

Improved collaboration
This use of digital processes will also help to strengthen collaboration between all parts of the supply chain – sharing data across all channels to minimise risk.

The advance of the robot
Artificial intelligence has inveigled its way into warehousing, robotic devices already playing a huge part in picking and packing. They can speed up processes as well as help improve health and safety. By reducing the number of manual repetitive tasks carried out by humans, robotics can cut the number of working days lost through sickness and even accident investigation.

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If you’re unsure what type of workplace injuries and illnesses should be reported, the Health & Safety Executive provides an exhaustive list.

The use of robotics also allows a warehouse operation to maximise the useable space in the premises, as it’s safer and easier for robots to reach heights that humans can’t. If you’re looking to expand your warehouse with pallet racking Ireland based can help.

Spotlight on risk and resilience
There is an incredible amount of risk within the supply chain. From adverse weather and problems with a single link in the chain to the sometimes-dangerous nature of the work involved.

Keeping a good working relationship with suppliers and visibility of the entire chain will allow a business to predict and manage risk to reduce its impact and prepare contingency plans.

Converting data into knowledge
More and more, warehouse operations will use the data they collect in their systems as knowledge as opposed to simply information. This knowledge will help to shape their future strategies.